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Shop my products on Etsy!

female rock climbing in alex mauss design rock climding rainbow illustration top
enamal camping mug in alex mauss design rock climbing pattern
windbreaker in alex mauss design teal rock climbing gym holds pattern

Are you a gear shop looking for unique and artistic items that will set your store apart?

Check out my rock climbing stickers available for wholesale purchasing!

Please consider using my direct Faire link when making your purchases. When you use my direct link, Faire does not take a commission, which helps support my small business. Plus, if you're new to Faire, you could also get $100 off and 1 year of free shipping, covered by Faire.

I'm thrilled to partner with you in elevating your gear shop with my wholesale stickers.

Ready to add some art and a dash of fun to your gear shop? Begin your journey by browsing my wholesale sticker collection on Faire today!

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