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Hi! I’m Alex

I’m a creative who loves visual problem-solving and all things outdoors. I’ve found a way to combine these two passions into my own business: Alex Mauss Design LLC. My goal is to create artwork that encourages a diverse community of adventurers to get outside and interact with nature in a loving, protective, and sustainable way. I work towards this goal in both my collaborative client work and my own illustration style: which I then adapt to products and prepare for art licensing. 

My background:

I grew up on a farm in Vermont where I was always drawing the animals. Following my passion for the arts, I went to Alfred University with the intention to study painting and illustration. During that time I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Northern Ireland, where I took classes in graphic design. I fell in love with the collaborative and analytical nature of design. My professional experiences as a graphic designer have allowed me to explore logo design, web design, social media advertising, print advertising, and more. 

After almost a decade of professional graphic design work for companies both big and small (check out my LinkedIn for details), I decided to fully pursue entrepreneurship and return to what sparked my interest from the very beginning: art and illustration. 


My business now does a mix of things: I continue to use my expertise in visual communications to help clients translate their business’ messages into thoughtful visuals, and I do my own illustration work which I sell on merchandise and through art licensing. I now live in Maryland, and feel so fortunate to be continuing my journey on a career path that continually challenges, intrigues, and excites me from this beautiful little state! 

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Photo of Alex Mauss hiking on the island of Oahu in Hawai'i
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