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Glenda Gifts

Branding and Web Design
Glenda Gifts logo by alex mauss design

Glenda is a gifting service (the business is no longer active) in which the user picks multiple personalized items to be packaged in a goody-box and sent to their loved one. The branding for the project was loosely based on Glinda, the good witch from the Wizard of Oz, with imagery that is feminine and fun with a bit of magic. I worked directly with the client to create the logo, which features a fun script and wand underline. I also developed a color scheme, text styling, and designed the website which features custom icons to illustrate the steps of the Glenda gifting process. 

feminine and fun retail branding with whimsical styling by alex mauss design
fun colorful logo and branding design by alex mauss design

Website Homepage Design

User Experience animation for an online shop ecommerce by alex mauss design

Ordering gifts from the Glenda website is a multi-step process because of the levels of personalization. I designed this customized progress bar to guide the user from start to finish while playing off the wand motif in the logo for a little Glenda flair!

a website design layout by alex mauss design for an online retailer
website homepage for gifting shop with custom icons by alex mauss design with feminine pink and purple branding
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