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 Paste Market

Logo & Branding

A bright, retro logo design for analog collage artist, Paste Market.

Paste Market Analog Collage Artist Logo branding by Alex Mauss Design
Paste Market retro branding by Alex Mauss Design
Paste Market funky 70s style branding and logo by Alex Mauss Design
Artist logo and branding for Paste Market by Alex Mauss Design
Monochrome logo line work ny alex mauss design
funky orange logo for paste market by Alex Mauss Design
Green simple logo for collage artist paste market by alex mauss design

Lauren Hood, owner and creator of Paste Market approached me looking for a logo design for her collage making business. We wanted her logo and branding to reflect the style of her work: retro, funky, 60s/70s inspired, yet professional and polished.

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