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HiClimb Event Branding

Logos and branding for climbing gym events. 

Women in Sports week branding for HiClimb in Honolulu Climbing Gym designed by Alex Mauss Design
Flash Competition Logo for female climbers and non-binary climbers by Alex Mauss Design climbing shoe illustration

The Honolulu-based climbing gym, HiClimb reached out looking for a logo and branding for their upcoming celebration of Women In Sports Week. The gym would be hosting a week of events promoting female and non-binary climbers and route-setters. We wanted to create a design that was feminine without leaning on any stereotypical female climber imagery, we also wanted the design to be inclusive of females and non-binary identifying climbers. This request brought me to the shaka hand logo which was used in a variety of contexts to help promote the week's events. 

Next, the HiClimb team came up with a very fun title for their female bouldering competition: "Send-er-ella: Happily Ever Flashter Competition" and I created a logo featuring a glass climbing shoe to reference the glass slipper of Cinderella with matching branding to the shaka logo

Some examples of how HiClimb used the SENDerella logo in a trophy, competition route labeling, and poster design

bouldering competition trophy with logo by alex Mauss design for HiClimb women in sports week
hiclimb bouldering comp route setting labeling with logo design by alex mauss design
a rock climbing gym event poster with branding by alex mauss design

Social Media Usage

With the logo designs, I also provided a branding guide so that HiClimb could use cohesive styling in all their promotional materials for the event. The gym did a great job using that branding guide to create their social media posts, here are some examples:

social media advertising for hiclimb with logo by alex mauss design
instagram post about rock climbing artist and illustrator alex mauss design
honolulu climbing gym social media post celebrating female athletes with branding from alex mauss design
instagram post about female and nonbinary climbing competetion with branding by alex mauss design with a shaka
rock climbing merchandise by alex mauss design wholesale in honolulu stickers and bags


I also worked with the Honolulu-based climbing gym by selling my merchandise in their shop! This included canvas bags, pet bandanas, and stickers.  I loved seeing my products in my local climbing shop, and I look forward to working with more gyms and outdoor retailers in the future!

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