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Maidenhair Tiny Dwellings

Logo and branding for a tiny-house designer, builder, and renovator.
maidenhair tiny dwellings logo and branding design by alex mauss design
fern illustration logo with delicate handmade and simple branding for maidenhair by alex mauss design

Maidenhair Tiny Dwellings approached me looking for a logo and branding for their new tiny-house building business. They were looking for a professional look that would also be inviting and unique. They asked for the logo to include an illustration of the maidenhair fern and to have a handmade, and timeless feel. 

I’ve worked with Lauren, the owner of @maidenhair_tiny_dwellings on a few freelance design & illustration projects so she was kind enough to give me the following review:

“I’ve worked with Alex via personal and work projects and she always brings a laid-back, thoughtful, creative approach to graphic design. It is clear that Alex wants to support her clients in getting exactly the product that they are looking for and in that process, she asks great questions that parse out nuance. She has always been so kind, flexible, and patient when I needed extra time to think through a design as well. I highly recommend Alex and wish I had more projects I could work with her on!“

Thanks, Lauren!!

a maidenhair fern logo on a teeshirt by alex mauss design
a maidenhair fern logo on a mug for maidenhair tiny dwellings branding by alex mauss design

Branding Guide:

a branding guide with primary, seconday logos, nuetral color pallettes and font choices by alex mauss design for a tiny home maker
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